Conventional succession planning faces top managers with two equally unpleasant options: identify people who fit today’s roles and risk finding they no longer fit as those roles change; or create a pool of highly regarded people and risk losing them if their expectations can’t be met exactly as promised.

PNA Solutions offers an alternative: understand the inherent challenges within key roles and how they vary with circumstances, then draw up a template that offers ‘just in time’ succession management — matching people and roles exactly where and when needed.

Succession planning solutions provides a clear picture of the essentials of any role and compares to views of the talents and strengths (both developed and latent) of existing staff. By knowing the strengths and priorities of current staff and tracking their development, you can match them with known and expected roles on an ongoing basis.


While results are important, they are not the sole focus of the coaching process. It is more about participant’s evolution than the hard results. Coaching is a process, a consistent connection structured to keep participants in that process. During this process participants examine how to be an active participant in creating their own destiny. Is there congruency between their current life and what is core to who they are?

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  1. Strengths: no one ever built success on weaknesses. Only your strengths matter. When you know them clearly and build on them every day, your’re on your way to a life that will make you proud.
  2. Motivations: what motivates you? Whatever is most important and valuable in you way of seeing things. Motivation comes from inside. You can only truly motivate yourself.
  3. Inner Drivers: confidence, insight, choice, direction, sensitivity – what makes you the person you are? What suits your unique personality and strengths. Build a life to match the uniquely valuable person inside you.
  4. Taking Charge: whose life is it anyway? The core focus of our coaching is creating a detailed picture of who you are and what you’ll need for a happy and successful life.

Your uniqueness is your greatest strength. All that’s needed is a clear understanding of who you are and what matters to you most. With that you can start to make the world accommodate you — not the other way around.

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